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Besides his work as a musician Michael is teaching at Musikschule Linz as a percussion instructor. Also he is leading different workshops and courses.


Focus of the classes:

Rhythmic training.

Technic of different percussion instruments like Conga, Bongo, Timbales, Darabuka, Smallpercussion.

Folcloristic and modern music from Cuba, Brasil and Africa.


MeltingPot is a project that represents his work as a teacher very well.

A group of students he is leading together with his colleague Christa Puri-Jobi.

The ensemble is playing folcloristic music around the world and keeps their audience excited during many live concerts

They already released their first CD. It's available at Musikschule Linz

More at Projects


In many cultures percussion and voice are closely connected to each other. Together with the singer Christa Puri-Jobi, Michael worked out a concept to make this music accessible to everyone.

Especially schools are interested to book workshops like this.

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