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Michael Mittersteiner was born 1980 in Linz/Austria.

At the age of 12 he got in contact with the fascinating world of Afro-Brasilian an d Afro-Cuban music. From this point on he was hooked on the subject.

He visited different teachers and workshops. Already as a teenager he gained experience on stage.

In the year 2000 he began his studies at the conservatory of Rotterdam/Netherlands(Codarts). His main subject was Latin Percussion.

At this time it was the only Latin school of Europe.

There he got in contact with musicians like Jan Laurens Hartong, Martin Verdonk, Nils Fischer, Lucas van Merwijk, Marc Bischoff and many more. He could profit a lot from their experience and talent.

Additionally he attended workshops with Giovanni Hidalgo, Ralph Irizarry, Dudu Tucci, Alain Perez...

During his studies he was already working in the Latin-and Worldmusic scene of the Netherlands and Germany.(Siembra, Geraldo Rosales, Orquesta Naranja, Matthias Haffner, Jens Kerkhoff, Maite Hontele,...)

2005 he graduated from conservatory with the title "Bachelor of Arts".After that he stayed two years longer at the Netherlands to work as an artist.

Additionally he travelled Cuba, Africa and Brasil to broaden his horizon.

2007 Michael returned to Austria and started to teach there.He works at "Musikschule Linz", one of the biggest music schools of Europe.

Also he is leading several workshops and classes.

Besides his work as a musician he is composing music.

Some musicians and bands he had the pleasure to work with:


Musicians: Yaqueline Castellanos, Geraldo Rosales, Sanmera, Robert Sölkner Latin Jazz Sextett, Habana Melao, La Banda del Sol, Florian Bramböck, Robert Friedl, Mestre Xuxo, Marc Bischoff, Kalin Veliov, Maite Hontele, Jens Kerkhoff, Milagros Pineira, Siembra, Luis Felipe 'Luison' De Armas, Bobby Sanabria, Nils Fischer

Festivals: North Sea Jazz (Niederlande), Pole Pole Festival ( Belgien), Burghausen Jazzfestival (Deutschland), Ostsea Jazz (Deutschland), Fest zur Eröffnung - Salzburger Festspiele, Ars Electronica Gala (Österreich),Valamar Festival Porec, JazzfestivalVarasdin (Kroatien)

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