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What started out as a project of Austrian musicians meanwhile became an excelent salsa orchestra with international reputation.

Through the years bandleader and saxophone player Klaus Bräuer put together a dreamteam including musicians from Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, San Salvador,...

With the current line up such as Vicente Alberto Izquierdo (Cuba-lead vocals, percussion) and Takechi (Cuba-flute, vocals, percussion) the band shows unique voices and stage presence

2007 readers and editorial from the music magazine Concertos elected Sanmera for the best group in the category Folk/World

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This group is presenting authentic Salsa from traditional to modern, jazzy arrangements.

Also styles like Cha cha cha, Cumbia, Bolero,Bachata and Latin Jazz belong to their repertoire

The line up includes six international musicians:

Vicente Izquierdo (vocals)

Victor Fuentes (timbales)

Dragan Traikovski (bass)

Robert Sölkner (piano)

Raphael Huber (saxophone)

Michael Mittersteiner (congas)


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There is one thing that the eight members of the group have in common: Their passion for brazillian music.

A central role plays the Samba Enredo which you can find at the carnival of Rio de Janeiro. Pulsating rhythms, dancers in original costumes...An explosion of percussion and movement.

One of the most spectacular parts of the show is capoeira. The brazillian material artform combines dance, acrobatics and music.

Mestre Xuxu is impressing his audience with unique body control and musicality.


Line Up:

Carolina Rojas (Dance)

Juri Poso (Dance)

Mestre Xuxo (Capoeira, Percussion)

Herwig Stieger (Percussion)

Markus Lindner (Percussion)

Andreas Huber (Percussion)

Rene Pichler (Percussion)

Michael Mittersteiner (Percussion, musica director)




KURT ERLMOSER - guitar, tres, vocals
DIDI HOLLINETZ - double bass

HERWIG STIEGER - percussion
MILAGROS PIÑERA - vocals, percussion, guitar


2007 singer and songwriter Milagros Pinera was invited by the Quartett to join some concerts. Since that time they keep playing together and Milagros became a fix member of the group.

Their repertoire reaches from Salsa to Latin Jazz from Samba to Forro.

MeltingPot is a project of Musikschule Linz.
It consists of ten singers and ten percussionists of all age groups.
The group invites the audience to a musical journey around the world.
To their repertpire belong folcloristic styles from Cuba, Africa, Bulgaria, Haiti, Brasil...
Alot of times special guests like Orwa Saleh, Gerhard Reiter and Mestre Xuxo are supporting the ensemble at their concerts.
MeltingPot is existing since 2008.
Musical directors:
Christa Puri-Jobi
Michael Mittersteiner
Quimbara - MeltingPot
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Paranaue - MeltingPot
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